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Event duration
1 hour 13 minutes
Lielais dzintars
Supported by

Liepāja City Council

State Culture Capital Foundation


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Available Till:
Dec 31, 2027
Content type
Concert series PERSONALLY
The charming actress and theater diva Rēzija Kalniņa and virtuoso musician, one of the most sought-after Latvian guitar players Kaspars Zemītis have prepared their program of music and poetry A Moment after Dinner for the audience of the concert series Personally, and it will be performed in the Chamber Hall of the Great Amber as a special Mother’s Day event.
“Anyone who reads poetry has had those moments when it seems like the poet has looked into the deepest corners of our hearts and written down our most hidden feelings and desires,” say performers Rēzija and Kaspars, who will use this concert as an opportunity to share the poems and music pieces that have touched their hearts.
The program will feature poetry by Rudīte Losāne, Dace Zālīte-Micāne, and Māra Zālīte, as well as original music created by Kaspars and guitar pieces arranged by Latvian and foreign composers.
Rēzija Kalniņa
Kaspars Zemītis