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Event duration
1 hour
Great Amber
Great Amber
Supported by

Liepāja City Council

State Culture Capital Foundation


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Mar 31, 2026
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Orthodox chants are an essential, age-old part of church life. Chants are sung during evening service, liturgy, as well as on special festive occasions. Performances of Russian religious music by the Latvian Radio Choir and conductor Sigvards Kļava have always warmed listeners’ hearts both in Latvia and across the world, gaining them praise from such prestigious media outlets as Gramophone and The Guardian.


In the concert program in Liepāja, audiences will have the opportunity to hear impressive and timeless works by the grandmasters of Russian music – Sergei Rachmaninoff, Georgy Sviridov, Alexander Gretchaninov, and Valentin Silvestrov. Surrounded by the excellent acoustics of the Great Amber concert hall, the rich and soulful chants will be performed by sound virtuosos – the Latvian Radio Choir, Orthodox priest Father Vasily and conductor Sigvards Kļava.

“The concert program will be united by Russian Old Believer church chanting of Father Vasily, which will unveil the ancient, archaic layer from which these church chants have stemmed,” introduces the artistic director of the choir, Sigvards Kļava.



Latvian Radio Choir

Priest Father Vasily (Vasily Volkov)

Conductor Sigvards Kļava


The program features works by:

Works by Georgy Sviridov, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Alexander Gretchaninov, and the chants of Father Vasily.


Concert recorded on: 09.01.2021.