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1 hour 18 minutes
Great Amber
Great Amber
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Liepāja City Council


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Feb 25, 2023
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Chamber hall’s series "Personally"

The meeting of Biruta Ozoliņa and Uģis Prauliņš voices with kokle, as well as electronics sounds on the stage, may seem an ancient memory, as they both once participated in the new wave of folklore in Latvia, but this electro-acoustic ethno-duet is a brand new project. In their music, the duet creatively uses folklore elements of the regions of Latvia, ambient and academic music, as well as jazz and rock elements.

Ethno-duet with its concert program “Identities” will take the audience on a retrospective journey, commemorating and singing early songs of the nations living in the regions of Latvia – Livs, Leivs, Latgalians, and others. They will be based on stories of different and similar, friendly and sometimes harsher people, who still live their lives in the folk songs.

Biruta Ozoliņa is Latvian and especially Latgalian folk singer, kokle player, and one of the leading authorities in the contemporary folklore movement. She is characterized by her unique voice, as well as the scope of personal experience combined with piano-like kokle playing techniques. Uģis Prauliņš is known as a talented composer, who has played in various formations of the legendary seventies – progressive rock bands “Salve”, “Vecās Mājas”, student folklore band “Bizīteri”, has participated in recordings and concerts of the post-folklore band “Iļģi”. For his composition – The Nightingale – he was nominated for the Grammy Award.

Biruta Ozoliņa – voice and kokle, Uģis Prauliņš – keyboard instruments.


Concert recorded on: 05.07.2020.

Photo: Valters Pelns